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All of our camps surround every child with support, guidance and fantastic chances to discover and learn. A chance to try until they succeed. A chance to explore new talents and interests. We’re here to show kids all they can accomplish when they believe in themselves. They thrive, knowing they can relax in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. We are here to create experiences that immerse them in an atmosphere that inspires, guiding them to live healthy, help others and work together, making strong friendships that often last a lifetime.

We offer four different summer camps to meet the needs of the children in our community:

  • Preschool Camp (for children age 3-5),
  • Day Camp (for children who have completed Kindergarten-5th grade),
  • Adventure Camp (for children who have completed Kindergarten-5th grade; takes two field trips a week), and
  • Junior High Camp (for children who have completed 6-8th grades; takes two field trips a week and completes meaningful community service).

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