Out of School Care & ELearning Assistance


Our program

  • Is a safe place with a supervised environment for students in grades K-6th
  • Has time for elearning At least 20 hours a week of school work assistance, wifi access, electronic assistance, schedules vary
  • Includes physical activity (at least 5 hours per week)
  • Provides lunch & snack time (bring your own)*
*Lunch provided at Griffith YMCA-Ready site; bring your own to care at Southlake YMCA
We are unable to guarantee:
  • One-on-one elearning assistance
  • Specific curriculum guidance
  • Following exact elearning schedule timeframes


Program Locations & Details

Southlake YMCA

  • One day care on Wednesdays only at Southlake YMCA
    • Core Care: $30 members; $45 guests
    • Pre Care: $5
    • Post Care: $5
  • What You Need To Register (for Southlake core care)

Call 219 663 5810 to register

Hammond YMCA

  • 5 day care at Hammond Family YMCA
    • Before-Out of School Care $25/week
    • Hammond Family YMCA only: Core-Out of School Care Program (5 day option): $125 members; $165 guests per week
    • After-Out of School Care $25/week
  • What You Need To Register (for Hammond core care)

Call 219 845 1507 to register