Small Group Training

"TEAM: Train with Effort, Attitude, and Mission"

Going it alone during your fitness journey can be difficult. Join our TEAM and Train with Effort, Attitude and Mission. This small group training program is for people who want an extra edge and quicker results with their training while enjoying the camaraderie of their teammates.

Under the expert guidance of certified personal trainers, groups of 6 to 10 people to achieve a higher level of fitness through a science-based, progressive program. The team environment and energy of the coaches keeps the sessions fun and effective while also holding you accountable.

Members using Myzone belts will see their heart rate zones projected on a big screen, ensuring they are working in the most effective zone as well as encouraging friendly competition. A Myzone belt is recommended but not required.

The following TEAM options are available:

  • TEAM Corbility Revolution
  • TEAM Crush
  • TEAM T2
  • TEAM Tread & Shred


Corebility Revolution