Youth Fitness

The YMCA offers a full menu of classes for all youth/teen, fitness levels, and interests. We offer the following Youth & Teen Exercise classes at the branches for members.

Fun and Fit

This class is designed for all fitness levels. Great class for kids not interested in sports or as an active recovery day for athletes. This class is designed to keep kids moving using fun and challenging games. Class runs monthly 1x/week for 30 minutes. For ages 9-13 with cost of FREE for members and $46 for guest.

Fundamentals of Strength

Kids will learn how to perform proper body weight exercises with an introduction on how to safely use functional equipment like dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells, kettlebells, core stability and more. Class runs monthly, 1x/week for 45 minutes. Ages: 11-14

Speed and Agility

Speed and agility are essential for better sports performance. Youth will work on speed, balance, coordination and body positioning in a team-based environment to improve overall athletic ability. Class runs monthly, 1x/week for 45 minutes. Ages: 11-14

Youth/Teen Small Group Training

Speed, Strength and Agility

This small group training program will help youth and teens establish a strong fitness foundation and maximize athletic development. Participants will work on speed and agility drills as well as balance, body awareness, dynamic and functional movements. Training will take place in our new outdoor fitness studio (weather permitting) and will move inside during the winter. Ages: 10-14. If you have never taken Level 1 you must test into Level 2.

Barbell Basics

This class is for teens to learn and understand how to safely and properly perform lifts with a barbell and bumper plates. This class will go over the proper form of a back squat, standard deadlift, bench press, and cleans. The main emphasis of this class will be the importance of safety and proper technique to help prevent an injury from occurring. Modifications of each lift will also be taught as well as other exercises/lifts that will help to improve technique and overall strength. Ages 14-17.

Sports Specific Skills Clinics

During these clinics youth/teen will get to work in small groups with a certified personal trainer who will focus on specific skills needed for football, soccer, baseball and softball. These clinics will be held every Saturday starting in June. Ages 10-14.