Join Online

We're glad to welcome you to our Y family, and we encourage you to jump right in and begin using our facilities and programs to learn more about what the Y can do for you. To get started, please begin by reviewing the waivers below. Please click on each link and indicate that you understand and accept the terms and conditions by checking each box:


  • Joiners Fee: The Joiners Fee is non-refundable and may be paid in full by cash, EFT or credit card (Visa, MC or Discover).
  • Membership Fees: Your monthly dues will be electronically withdrawn on the 1th or 15th of the month. At the time of registration, you will pay a prorated amount to begin the membership. You may change the type of membership you have at any time by requesting the change in writing ten days prior to your draft date. Changes will be effective on your next scheduled draft and additional membership and/or Joiners Fees may apply.
  • Electronic Funds Information: Your membership fees will be electronically deducted from your Checking Account or Credit Card. It is your responsibility to keep the YMCA informed of any changes to your account information. The YMCA requires notification at least 10 days prior to your draft date or you may incur an administrative/return fee up to $25. All credit card drafts will have a 3% processing fee added on the each draft.
  • Rate Changes: Membership rates are subject to change at any time with approval by the Crossroads YMCA Board of Directors. All rate changes will be communicated to members in writing.
  • Family Memberships: A family membership is a one or two adult household and or dependents. If you have other family members living at your house you can add them on for an additional $10 a month for each addition. Must have proof that they live in the household and contact the front desk to include them on your membership.
  • Membership Return Policy
  • The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.
  • Members are responsible for following our Member Code of Conduct.


  • Bank drafts are withdrawn on the first (1st) or fifteenth (15th) of every month; therefore a Cancellation form MUST be completed in writing by the 1th of every month for the 15th draft to be effective by the next draft date.
  • Draft date for the first of the month a Cancellation form must be completed by the 15th of the prior month. If filled out later than the 1st or 15th of the month, draft(s) will be cancelled the following month.
  • Bank drafts come out on the fifteenth (15th) or first (1st) of every month. When the draft is Saturday/Sunday or Holiday it may be taken up to four (4) before or after your draft date. EFT Returns can take up to five (5) business days after the draft, and will be processed through a second time the following month. We are not responsible for NSF charges.